Track List

Is There a Ghost

Ode to LRC

No One's Gonna Love You

Detlef Schrempf

The General Specific

Lamb on the Lam (In the City)

Islands on the Coast

Marry Song

Cigarettes, Wedding Bands

Window Blues

Band Of Horses - Cease To Begin (Smoke Blue Cassette + 4-Panel J-Card
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Release Date: 12/2/2016
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Band of Horses’ second album, which came out in 2007 and went on to sell over 320,000 copies, is now available on cassette.

Released in March of 2006, Band of Horses’ debut, Everything All the Time, propelled the band from early shows opening for Iron & Wine, to playing on The Late Show with David Letterman, and being nominated as one of ten finalists for the Shortlist Music Prize for that same year. The record also received celebratory press in Spin, Entertainment Weekly, NY Times, Harp, Billboard, Pitchfork, Magnet, NME, Uncut, and a slew of others. For a lot of reasons, Cease to Begin is the perfect title for this new record. Though they worked with producer Phil Ek again, much changed for Band of Horses between these two albums. Band members, close friends, and family came and went, some far too early, and core members Ben Bridwell, Rob Hampton, and Creighton Barrett moved from Seattle to Mt. Pleasant, SC, to be closer to their families. Shot through with these experiences, Cease to Begin is strikingly beautiful, dealing with the reconciliation of attachment and detachment, the strength that’s found through suffering, and the understanding that we are as significant as we are insignificant. It’s also a great rock record.