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Bei Ru - L.A. Zooo (Cassette)

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After releasing two albums independently (Little Armenia, Saturday Night At The Magic Lamp) as well as scoring music for the recent Vice Films release A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (produced by Elijah Wood), the next release from Los Angeles-based producer Bei Ru is L.A. Zooo, his first instrumental beat concept record which incorporates everything from bugged-out Middle Eastern melodies from the 1970s to obscure Electronic, Funk, Jazz & Soul sounds. Hypnotizing keyboards, pulsating bass lines, and infectious drums guide you through the L.A. Zooo - a playful, yet ominous place where humans and animals coexist and weapons and armor are required for simple walks down the street.

Sunrise (Intro)

A Zombie

Zooo Drive


Tigers On Tujunga

L.A. Zooo

Dinner With Scheherazade/Interstellar Glamour Life




Animal Pharm

Afternoon On Goldcap Island

Do Not Feed The Cannibals

Tropical Fish

Jungle Rule

LaLaLa (Summer In The Zooo)

Silver Saucers Over Sunset

Pink Sky


At The End Of The Day... (Outro)