Track List

Fevered Egos



People Suck

Pro Life

People Who Hate People


Gifts Of Forgiveness

Purple Vein Dick Joke

Confession Time (Cops)

Wax Dart

I'm Talking To The Women Here

You're Wrong Night

A New Flag (Patriotism)

Gays In The Military

I.R.S. Bust

Politics In America

Quiet Loner

Artistic Roll Call

Orange Drink

Save Willie

Deficit (Jesse Helms)

Rush Limbaugh

Time To Evolve

Waco (Koresh)

The Pope


Seven Seals

One Of The Boys (Clinton)

Car Bomb Derby

The Elite

Love List (No Future)

Back To The Garden

Your Children Aren't Special

Wizards Have Landed

Lift Me Lord

Bill Hicks - Rant In E-Minor (2xLP + Download Card)
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Record Label: Comedy Dynamics

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Rant In E-Minor: Variations is Bill Hicks’ most brilliant album in its raw form with no music interludes. The original release was compiled from multiple shows in Austin, Texas and this version is one of those evenings, October 24th, 1993. It contains Hicks’ classic material, never-before-heard bits, and some new twists on some of everyone’s favorites.