One Little Indian

Björk ‎- Volta (2xLP - Red/Green Vinyl + Download Card)


In celebration of Bjork’s mid-career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the release of the Björk: Archives book, One Little Indian is reissuing the Björk vinyl back catalogue, and for an exclusive period the vinyl will be coloured to the hue that personifies that album character. Limited run of 5000 copies.

Never one to shy away from collaboration, Bjork pulls in the help of Mark Bell (from LFO), a fourteen-piece brass section, and Malian, Congolese and Chinese guest musicians, as well as the commercial hip-hop and R'n'B beat-meastros, Timbaland and Danja to input into her 7th studio album. The two tender duets with Antony Hegarty as tension respites from an album that is often heavily electronic, bold, fierce and brilliant throughout.

Earth Intruders (feat. Konono N°1) – 6:12 (Timbaland, Danja, Björk)

Wanderlust– 5:49 (Björk, Sjón)

The Dull Flame of Desire (feat. Antony Hegarty) – 7:28 (Björk)

Innocence – 4:25 (Timbaland, Danja, Björk)

I See Who You Are (feat. Min Xiao-Fen) – 4:20 (Björk, Mark Bell)

Vertebrae by Vertebrae– 5:06 (Björk)

Pneumonia – 5:12 (Björk)

Hope (feat. Toumani Diabaté) – 4:01 (Björk, Timbaland)

Declare Independence – 4:12 (Björk, Mark Bell)

My Juvenile (feat. Antony Hegarty) – 4:01 (Björk)