Track List

The Truth

Hood Liberator (feat. The Reverend Willy Burks)

World Renowned

New Day

Understanding (They Got Love)((feat. Prodigal Sun))

Roundtable Discussion (feat. Trickfinger)

Ahead of My Time

Darts of War (feat. Phoenix Flame)


Reptables (feat. John Frusciante)


Techniques & Shockwaves (feat. Kinetic)

Hard to Be

Finish Line (feat. RZA, Prodigal Sun, Leggezin, Roe)

The Almighty

Black Knights - The Almighty (3xLP + Download Card)
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An introduction from mentor RZA changed the trajectory of the Black Knights’ career. Through the RZA, Rugged Monk and Crisis The Sharp Shooter became friends with John Frusciante. A former member of iconic rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frusciante initially developed a relationship with Rugged Monk. Rugged Monk and Frusciante collaborated, but things changed when Frusciante asked to have Crisis record a song with them. That tune quickly led to recording another. Soon thereafter, Black Knights had an entire album produced by Frusciante. The result, Medieval Chamber, is a sonically stunning collection accented by Rugged Monk and Crisis’ thought-provoking, next level lyrics and Frusciante’s genre-blending beats.

Thanks to Frusciante, Black Knights was able to take its music places it never imagined possible. “As a producer, you hear the elevation every time he comes with a new beat,” Crisis says. “It sounds like you’re recording with a whole band, but it’s just one dude doing it.”

Indeed, Medieval Chamber shines with Frusciante’s imaginative, diverse soundscape and Rugged Monk and Crisis’ lyricism. For the Black Knights, its name is more than an arbitrary moniker. It reflects a nobility and purpose the duo presents and represents throughout its music, from the group’s song titles to its subject matter.