Rough Trade

black midi - Schlagenheim (Cassette)


Cassette limited to 500.

Enigmatic London-based black midi bring you their debut album Schlagenheim via Rough Trade Records.

Since  forming  just  over  a  year  ago,  black  midi  --  Geordie  Greep  (vocals/guitar), Cameron Picton(bass/vocals), Matt Kelvin (guitar/vo-cals)  and  Morgan  Simpson  (drums)  --  have  quickly  cemented  their  reputation as one of the hottest new underground bands, following a string of sold-out UK live dates and surprise shows punctuated by constantly shifting sets and blistering musicianship.

They bonded over shared musical enthusiasms, or “liking messed up things” as Kelvin puts it, including an appreciation for rapper Danny Brown, Death Grips, Deerhoof, Miles Davis and Talking Heads, who they like so much they called a song... Talking Heads. Greep says that “we’ve  always  tried  to  make  it  heavy  but  danceable,  melodic  but  good rhythms. It is accessible music, there are experimental aspects that we’ve taken from when we went crazy at the beginning, we’ve just reigned it in to make something that is pop music.”

These new tracks were recorded in an initial burst with Speedy Wun-dergrund producer Dan Carey. In November, black midi retouched older recordings, and laid down eight songs in just five days. Drawing comparisons to groups like Shellac, Can, This Heat, & Slint, that’s only half the story to this deeply uncategorizable music. These songs are slippery creatures, the sparks from a musical unit that’s constantly in a state of flux and development.

Recently,  the  band  played  their  first  North American  live  shows, were named a standout act at SXSW and sold out several dates in the Northeast, including their first two shows in New York.

black midi will return stateside this July for Pitchfork Fest and more touring.

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