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Black Milk - If There's A Hell Below (2xLP)


On Black Milk’s 6th solo rap LP, If There’s A Hell Below, Black continues the narratives he started on his 2013 release No Poison No Paradise. This time, rather than speaking through the character Sonny Jr., Black paints pictures from a first person perspective of someone raised and living in one of America’s toughest cities, and the ups and downs of pursuing a career in the arts. The stories reflect how he and the people where he’s from feel or have felt - if there’s a hell below, maybe we’re already in it.

Everyday Was ft. Mel

What It’s Worth

Leave The Bones Behind ft. Blu & Ab

Quarter Water ft. Pete Rock

Hell Below ft. Gene Obey

Detroit’s New Dance Show

Story and Her

All Mighty

Scum ft. Random Axe

Gold Piece ft. Bun B

Grey For Summer

Up & Out