Track List

Popular Demand

Sound the Alarm




Shut It Down

Home of the Greats

Say Something

Play The Keys

Watch Em

Three + Sum


Luvin It

One Song

I'm Out

Take It There


Sound The Alarm

Black Milk - Popular Demand Instrumentals (CD)
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Record Label: Fat Beats Records

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The Detroit MC/producer Black Milk first made noise producing cuts for Slum Village's 2002 mixtape DIRTY DISTRICT. Perhaps SV viewed Black Milk as the perfect J Dilla surrogate, since the young beatmaker's tracks went on to dominate the group's subsequent three albums. On POPULAR DEMAND (officially his sophomore album after his 2005 independently released SOUND OF THE CITY) Black hits listeners with 16 tracks of chunky bass, hard snares, and dreamy soul loops that play background to his slick but subtle lyricism. POPULAR DEMAND is a testament to the late great J Dilla's influence in both style and substance. It also confirms Black Milk as the foremost purveyor of the underground Motor City sound, the architect of which was Dilla himself.