Track List

John Doe's Carnival of Error

Rhesus Negative


The Rat

Silent Treatment

Minnesota / Eas Fors / Naked

Hive Mind

Blanck Mass - World Eater (LP - Black & Red Vinyl)
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Record Label: Sacred Bones Records

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As humans, we are aware of our inner beast and should therefore be able to control it. We understand our hard-wired primal urges and why they exist in an evolutionary sense. We understand the relationship between mind and body. Highly evolved and intelligent, we should be able to recognize these genetic hangovers and control them as a means to act positively and move forward as a compassionate species.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Recent global events have proven this. The human race is consuming itself. World Eater, the new album by Benjamin John Power's Blanck Mass project, is a reaction to this. There is an underlying violence and anger throughout the record, even though some of these tracks are the closest Power has ever come to writing, in his words, "actual love songs."