Track List

Baby I Don't Have To Worry

I'm A Rattlesnakin' Daddy

I'm Climbin' On Top Of The Hill

Ain't It A Cryin' Shame

Looking For My Woman

Rag Mama Rag I

Rag Mama Rag II

Baby, You Gotta Change Your Mind

Evil Hearted Woman

My Brownskin Sugar Plum

Somebody's Been Playin' With That Thing

Log Cabin Blues I

Log Cabin Blues II

Homesick And Lonesome Blues

Blind Boy Fuller - East Coast Piedmont Style (LP)
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Record Label: Wax Love

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Release Date: 2/1/19
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Blind Boy Fuller, from Wadesboro, North Carolina, was one of the originators and most famous progenitors of what's known as the Piedmont Style of blues music, characterized by rhythmic bass lines played by the thumb while the melody is fingerpicked, resulting in a sound similar to ragtime. Though he lived only until the age of 40, Fuller recorded extensively from 1935-1940 and the recordings collected here are some of his most famous ever. Essential blues on Wax Love from one of the greatest talents of the Southeast.