Track List

The Colosseum

Move Units ft. Sean Price

The Revelation

The Storm

The Descent

The Unspoken


Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun ft. Rock and Lil Fame

The Plague

The Ascent

Blood Before Pride - Mimesis, Catharsis, and the Imitation of Art in Life (CD)
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Record Label: Digital Deja Vu

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Blood Before Pride is a hard rock band with heavy hip-hop and industrial rock influences, based out of New York and New Jersey, founded by vocalist Phil Anastasia. “Mimesis, Catharsis and the Imitation of Art in Life,” the band’s debut album, was entirely written and produced by Phil and Pascal Zumaque, who composed and arranged all the original music. The studio recording features lead guitarist Pat Christopher, rhythm guitarist Josh Cruz and drummer Vinny Keohane, all members of NY/ NJ metal outfit Deception Theory, and bassist Ryan Kienle of Matchbook Romance.

Guest vocal features include members of legendary Brooklyn Hip-Hop duos: Lil’ Fame of M.O.P., Rock of Heltah Skeltah and his partner, the late, great Sean Price. With Rock, also signed to Phil’s Digital Deja Vu Records, performing supporting vocals on most of the album. Phil’s lyrics attempt to push the envelope with concepts and analogies, drawing inspiration from classic literature and poetry, and recording artists of multiple genres, maintaining the idea that it is artists, musicians, writers and poets who influence our lives. As Oscar Wilde wrote, “Life imitates Art more than Art imitates Life.” Ambitious not only with the writing, but with the musical compositions as well, with each track being a different chapter in this book, which aims to inspire listeners to overcome adversity, welcome a challenge, be true to yourself and stand tall everyday… Swallow your Blood Before you swallow your Pride.