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His Story

Otionography ft. Dolphin & Versis

Higher (The Cosmos) ft. Cehry

Cosmophobia (Revisited)

UFO ft. Choker, ScienZe & Sene

Oblivia ft. milo & Open Mike Eagle


UFO II ft. Khary & Choker (Bonus)

Blu & Fa†e - Open Your Optics to Optimism (LP)
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Record Label: EveryDejaVu

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On 'Open Your Optics to Optimism,' LA's Blu and producer Fa†e buckle into a DeLorean, cruising back to a time before time in order that they might gain the knowledge necessary to exude such a genuine optimism. Blu outlines Earth's history and then dives within it, beginning from the abyssal plane of the ocean floor, to the stunning sights of the outer atmosphere, and finally beyond, culminating in a personal transcendence outside both space and time. Faced with the absurdity and bluntness of such numbers as "4.6 billion years," it's hard to imagine a human conjuring any optimism at all. But Blu's calm and creative delivery, as well as experimentally-rooted lyricism act as the perfect guide across Fa†e's rhythmically cohesive and booming production.