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Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley (LP - Limited Blue Vinyl)

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It's tempting to say that Bo Diddley recorded 11 full-length albums, each one better than the last; but that would be denying the pure, unsurpassed genius of his first, Bo Diddley. Music historians have wasted so many perfectly good words trying to explain the significance of Bo Diddley. Bo Diddley liberated the blues from the 12-bar form and melded it to an insistent, infectious rhumba beat, they bleat. Diddley was the progenitor of all that was to come in the evolution of rock and roll, blah blah blah blah. Listen: Why is eating a plateful of ribs and dripping all over your hands and clothes fun? BECAUSE IT JUST IS.

Why is walking around with cotton candy in one hand and a blue, helium-filled balloon on a string in the other fun? BECAUSE IT JUST IS. Bo Diddley is fun BECAUSE HE JUST IS. Bo Diddley (the album) was rock and roll's Big Bang, dripping with sinew and grease and humor and understated swagger. The simplest ingredients - a guitar, a drum, and some maracas - were packed in a gunny sack and slung over the shoulder of some smiling guy with a slick process and a wild plaid jacket, who took it and ran headfirst into oncoming traffic. Reckless, yet crazy cool.

He made it sound easy. Geniuses can do that. No doctoral thesis will explain Bo Diddley, the man or Bo Diddley, the album. You won't find the answer in some scholarly article called The Epistomological Roots of Diddy Wah Diddy or something like that, in your dog-eared copy of the Journal of the American Institute of Ethnomusicology. Bo Diddley just is. Bo Diddley. (the album) is not an option, it's mandatory. We'll be imposing fines on anyone who thinks otherwise, so best to pick up a copy if for no other reason than to avoid a big hassle later on. We're not kidding.

Bo Diddley

I'm A Man

Bring It To Jerome

Before You Accuse Me

Hey! Bo Diddley

Dearest Darlin'

Hush Your Mouth

Say Bossman

Diddley Daddy

Diddy Wah Diddy

Who Do You Love

Pretty Thing