Track List

Ready Lets Go

Music Is Math

Beware The Friendly Stranger



Sunshine Recorder

In The Annexe

Julie And Candy

The Smallest Weird Number


Energy Warnng

The Beach At Redpoint

Opening The Mouth

Alpha And Omega

I Saw Drones

The Devil Is In The Details

A Is To B As B Is To C

Over The Horizon Radar

Dawn Chorus

Diving Station

You Could Feel The Sky


Magic Window

Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi (3xLP - Gatefold + Download Card)
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Record Label: Warp Records

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Geogaddi is arguably one of Boards of Canada's most intriguing works, the kind of album that you could spend hours and hours with, constantly unpicking more meaning from its immaculately textured depths. Released in 2002, the first thing that is clear is its darker way with mood. Still operating in a nostalgia-tinged analogue world, the textures seem to carry more weight. The heavier rhythms and hypnotically crackling samples on "Music Is Math" and groaning voices on "Gyroscope" are laced with something approaching menace

There are sparse, almost playful moments too though, which add to the album's beguiling quality. "The Devil Is In The Details" is a skittering piece of electronics and barely-their voices, "While Dawn Chorus" is all widescreen, chunky beats that sound like the sun coming up. 3LP pressing with etching on side F recut by Noel Summerville from original DAT master. Includes sticker sheet with hexagon die cut stickers.