Track List

Go Slow

Need Somebody

Goodnight Moon

Every Time



Jungle Law

Happening Again

Old Song


Lights Out

Boogie Belgique - Volta (CD)
Free Gift

Record Label: Cold Busted

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It’s too simple to call Cold Busted just a record label. Sure, these purveyors of trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, downtempo, and funky sounds consistently release modern classics. But the LA-based label, founded by Derrick Daisey—formerly known as DJ Vitamin D—have created a lifestyle music experience orbiting around Daisey’s rarefied palette and iconic vintage-vibing artwork, and a thriving community of innovative musicians feverishly creating and collaborating.

The first CD, of a ten part series, covers the best Funk and Jazz inspired tracks found only on Cold Busted.