Track List

Colour Me In


Before We Begin


Man Is Not A Bird

The Little Bell



Lunch Hour Pops

Black Umbrellas

Ominous Cloud

Oh How I Miss You

Winter Now


Broadcast ‎- Haha Sound (LP + Download Card)
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Record Label: Warp

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Having graced more “Albums You Must Hear” lists than many other revered long players, Haha Sound is vintage, retro-centric electronic pop that helped to establish Broadcast’s inimitable sound. "Ominous Cloud," for example, is an archetypal Broadcast treasure. Blissful, glowing compositions holding up the vacant melodies of Trish Keenan. "Lunch Hour Pops" is another blast of their idiosyncratic sound which reaches a spiralling climax on closer "Hawk." Poetic lyricism, cinematic instrumentation and a constant undercarriage of life’s darker possibilities.