Track List

Whatcha' Got

Lookin' At Me Sideways

Truth Is

The Puzzle



Freedom Ain't Free

Letter From The Government


Listen Up

Take Me Home

Uncle Sam Goddamn

Walking Away


Ear To Ear

Original King (Dirty)

No Alibis (feat. I Self Divine)

Hick Ass Kids

5 Line King

As I Proceed

War Dance

Open For Business

Welcome Home

Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth: 10 Year Anniversary Edition (3xLP - Cloudy Clear Vinyl)
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Record Label: Rhymesayers

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The newly expanded 3xLP is limited to 3,000 hand-numbered copies containing cloudy, clear translucent vinyl, an 8-page booklet with full album lyrics, and a free digital download card. This limited package includes a bonus third LP, containing an additional eight rare/unreleased Brother Ali songs – four rare B-sides and four unreleased 4-track demo recordings – all produced by Ant of Atmosphere.

In the early 2000's, Brother Ali joined Rhymesayers with his self-produced demo tape, Rites of Passage. He quickly took the underground by storm, pairing an undeniable stage presence with his critically acclaimed debut full-length, Shadows On The Sun, which was quickly followed by another release, The Champion Ep. The impact was unquestionable, as Ali had already solidified his place amongst the independent Hip-Hop elite. In the years that followed, Ali struggled through a series of personal roadblocks which included divorce, a custody battle over his son, and homelessness, among other things.

However, champion that he is, Ali turned tragedy to triumph when he returned in 2007 with his sophomore full-length album, The Undisputed Truth. Together with producer Ant (of Atmosphere), Ali had constructed an album that was both personal and political, and more powerful than ever. "I wanted to make an album that gives you no choice but to feel what I'm saying," Ali explained. "I made choices that sent me through a lot of struggle in [those] years. Ant and I made music that really communicates the exact feeling of those situations." Now, with the 10th Anniversary of The Undisputed Truth upon us, we've re-pressed and re-packaged the long out-of-print vinyl to be released on Record Store Day 2017.