Temporary Whatever

Busdriver - Electricity Is On Our Side (2xLP)


Drawing from memory and community roots, the 10th album from rap innovator BUSDRIVER plays out like an ode to modern folk art via the act’s characteristically warped take on the world’s leading pop music: hiphop. Homespun and bursting with intention, “electricity is on our side” argues that the quintessential underground hiphop album is in fact the high art of the day.// Electronic musics, jazz, hiphop and writing are once again minced into a unique configuration(underground social music) to achieve the aesthetic ends and messaging harnessed by the legendary BUSDRIVER.


Electricity Is On Our Side

I’m From A Different Time

Grape Drank

The Saboteur’s Mirror

Losing You Again

The Year I Became A Mutherfuckin’ G

Anything Can Happen

Me vs Me

Kiss Around The Note


I Been There

Right Before The Miracle

This Is My Art and It’s Dangerous

To Top The Divorcees List of Barness Nica

Several Friends

Tiny Infinities

Improvisers Anthem

Be-Grizzled_Auteur_Mythos Take_3

Gene Anthony

Exploding Slowly


Sore Spot

Pull The Sky Closer