Track List

G’s Up

Bringer Of Peace

Beverly Hi

Stony Brown

The Juice

Over (Bush Doctor)

Perfect Bud


Higher (Grounds)

Go Lo



Wait A Minute

Xold Xhanxe

Unknown Profits

Crime (One 4 Theory)


Golden Budz

Say Yes

Still Got Me

Calvin Valentine - Avocado Hi (Cassette)
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Record Label: Producers I Know

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"Avocado Hi" is a collection of beats that Calvin Valentine has accumulated over span of 2013 and 2015 which he ultimately decided to include in a singular project. He called upon turntablist DJ Celsius to provide scratches, added film dialogue at key points to make it a concise project that enlisted the aid of EYRST and Producers I Know to bring it to fruition with visuals and a platform to present his vision to the public.

“Avocado Hi” is an invitation to get in on the ground floor before Calvin Valentine stock goes way up.