Track List

911 Turbo

Wrong Way

Blue Label

Choppers In The Sky



Freethrows (feat. Danielle Henderson)

Lake House


Vhs (feat. Illa J)

Calvin Valentine - Keep Summer Safe (LP)
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Record Label: Mello Music Group

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Calvin Valentine, aka the Bong Mayer, is one of this generations new breed: producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and emcee. Having already produced for legends like De La Soul & Nas, along with complete albums for Illa J, Calvin recently added his name to production credits in the pop realm with Interscope signee Ryan Beatty’s entire new album being helmed by him. He’s licensed music for Nike, Skype, MTV and more with a sound that lends itself to film and television. But the west coast musician is best known in the beat scene for his uncompromising work behind the boards. The Los Angeles based (by way of Oregon) artist is set for his MMG solo debut “Keep Summer Safe.” On it, Calvin lends his lush production, singing, and rhymes to the stoney late summer nights soundtrack.