Track List

Here & There ft. Beth I , Dj Resident

COE Ft. Enyl8 & Oddity

Hbd Rip ft. ThoughtsArizen & Jen Raye

Instalude 1

Dstrtd Truth

Work Music ft. Rhythm Writers

Such and Such ft. Enyl8

Instalude 2

The Run Ft. Ike Check

Ill Paradiso ft. Jen Raye

Mommy & Daddy

The Walk

Fam and Music

Castor Pollux & J Dankworth - Family and Music 2 (Cassette - Green)
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Record Label: Castor Pollux & J Dankworth

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Once in a great while, a duo emerges with such authority and such seemingly effortless originality that their place in the front ranks of their craft is unquestioned. So it is now with Castor Pollux and J.Dankworth. As you shall hear in this album- the third album in a series called Family & Music . Castor Pollux not on only possesses prodigious technique but more important, Castor has become one of the most compelling story-tellers and mood explorers in this industry. There is no dearth of astonishingly agile word play in this album,but he also says so much to the listener. Castor P. & J.Dankworth speak in sounds that have seldom been equaled on the instruments for fullness, warmth and what I can best call spaciousness of spirit that makes their music a remarkably regenerating experience.

This album focuses on Castor Pollux and J.Dankworth as Lyricist and Producer as a unique musical team with plenty to display in their arrangements. J.Dankworth displays his distinctive style with his MPC 2000. “A striking producer exploring his limits of his MPC with fearless and joyful eagerness.” Fearless, because of J.Dankworth’s own formidable inner serenity, a result of his record digging skills. Musicians featured on this composition include additional lyrics by Oddity Orwell, Enyl8 , ThoughtsArizen and special appearance by Rhythm Writers, and hypnotizing vocal hooks by Jen Raye & Beth I and special guest producer The Earl, along with guest dj’s Dj Resident and Ike Check.

Album Dedicated to all Working People on the Grind Supporting their Families. Peace to everybody that supported Castor and J.Dankworth from the start.