Chris Carter - Miscellany (6xLP)

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Chris Carter has announced the first details of a new box set of his early work, collating remastered (and mastered for the first time) solo albums alongside a disc of unreleased archival recordings from 1973-1977. Chris Carter’s Miscellany is limited to 1000 units and will consist of a 6-piece vinyl box set with a 12-page, 12”-sized booklet featuring rare and unseen images, synthesiser schematics and ephemera from Chris Carter’s archive. Both Disobedient and Small Moon will be available here for the first time on vinyl. As a founding member of Throbbing Gristle alongside Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Chris Carter has had a significant role in the development of electronic music – a journey which has continued through his releases as one half of Chris & Cosey, Carter Tutti and a third of Carter Tutti Void, as well as with his own solo and collaborative releases. He is also credited with the invention and production of ground-breaking electronics – from the legendary Gristleizer self-built effects unit through to the Dirty Carter Experimental Sound Generating Instrument, the sold-out TG One Eurorack module (designed with Tiptop Audio) and the Future Sound Systems Gristleizer modules – Carter has created the means to make sounds as well as making the sounds themselves.


Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Moonlight
02 Real Life
03 Noevil

Side B
01 Mondo B
02 Nobadhairdo
03 Beyond Temptation

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Pantavistiq
02 Pulsec
03 Solomo

Side B
01 Lixiez
02 TVX
03 Chakutut

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A
01 Versix
02 Sublev
03 Domank

Side B
01 Disobedient Redux

Full Length Vinyl 4
Side A
01 Arcadia
02 Praxiz

Side B
01 Klypp'D
02 Non-Pop

Full Length Vinyl 5
Side A
01 Reazymn
02 Soho... 3am

Side B
01 Small Moon Redux

Full Length Vinyl 6
Side A
01 Nodes (1973)
02 Head Less (1974)
03 Hegel Vogt (1974)
04 Null (1974)
05 Runclodler (1974)
06 Hexfoil (1975)
07 Jet Age (1975)

Side B
01 Warm Hair (1975)
02 Variables (1975)
03 Wybbel (1976)
04 Black Powder (1977)
05 Ghost Trains (1977)
06 See Sick (1977)