Chris Crack ‎– Being Woke Ain't Fun (LP)

Entirely produced by AUGUST FANON (except the 3 bonus tracks). Featuring TREE, SULAIMAN, VIC SPENCER and many more. 

Teach Kids Black History (Featuring – GZUS Piece)

Gilded Slippers (Featuring – $tevie Adam$, Ugly Boy Modeling, W.ill)

Maria de Jesus Ayala

Uber With Randoms (Featuring – 20 Gramz, Ugly Boy Modeling)

Coochie Nectar (Featuring – Vic Spencer)

Empanada Elegance (Featuring – Tree (17), Ugly Boy Modeling)

Came, Saw, Left Early

Fxck Yo Followers

Explanation Kills Art

Plair Nephew Pleighboi (Featuring – Sulaiman (3), Vic Spencer)

Discount Cocaine On Father's Day (Featuring – 20 Gramz, Ugly Boy Modeling)

Meatloaf Taco

Breefis In Texas

Master P Raised Me