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Chromatics - Night Drive: Ten Year Anniversary Edition (2xLP - Colored Vinyl)

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Includes the track “Tick of the Clock” from the film Drive. The ever-popular Night Drive release, now expanded to fifteen tracks. The lost side of the album is dark and abstract. Opening with the almost funerial "Shining Violence." Where detuned analog synths collide & struggle to hang onto a fading melody. Followed by the sleeper hit, "Circled Sun," and the Vangelis inspired reflection of life's duality in "The Gemini." Looking into a broken mirror, RUTH is more vulnerable than ever with the bare bones bass & vocal of "Bell." "Night Drive" closes with an arpeggiated musical refrain from the beginning of Side One. "Acelerator" reinterprates elements of "Night Drive's" chord progression while leaning heavily on the gear shift. As painted lines in the road begin to strobe, Chromatics propels full speed ahead into an uncertain future. Packaged in gatefold jackets with two lyric sheet inserts. Pressed on "pink champagne" colored vinyl.

The Telephone Call

Night Drive

I Want Your Love

Running Up That Hill

Killing Spree



Tomorrow Is So Far Away

Let's Make This A Moment To Remember

Tick Of The Clock

Shining Violence

Circled Sun


The Gemini