Track List

Tick Of The Clock (Edit For Film)

Tick Of The Clock (Visione's The Stroke Of Midnight Edit)

Tick Of The Clock (Extended Overdrive)

Chromatics - Tick of the Clock (LP - 180 Gram Ultra Clear Dipped In Icy Blue Vinyl)
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Record Label: Italians Do It Better

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Portland, OR electronic act Chromatics - Ruth Radelet (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Adam Miller (guitar, vocoder), Nat Walker (drums, synthesizer), and Johnny Jewel (producer, multi-instrumentalist) - are the reflection on the dark side of the street. Beautiful vocals giving life to city phrases, rhythms that keep everyone moving but not quickly enough to miss the crash. There are times when you can't listen anymore to them because it hurts too much, and then you press play again. There's an intimate distance to their music, with just enough separation that you don't really know what's going on. Tick of the Clock is a 2012 single from Italians Do It Better featuring the Drive soundtrack number along with Visione's Stroke Of Midnight remix version and an Extended Overdrive mix.