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Clark - The Last Panthers (LP + Download Card + Download Card)

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Like many before him, Warp record artist Clark has been tapped by the world of film and television to bring his sound to the series The Last Panthers. The French and English language series stars Samantha Morton and will be premiering in the U.S on the Sundance channel in spring of this year. What listeners will experience on this score is a more fully fleshed out composition of the music in the series. After hearing the final cuts from the series, Clark proceeded to edit and chisel his work, adding in new material as well to create something beyond a conventional score.

What we end up with is a cohesive piece that flows between a mixture of seductive, caustic, sombre, euphoric... a mix of emotions to sonically capture the depth and nuance of the series, while also functioning as a beautiful stand alone piece of music.

Packaging is LP in printed inner in 3mm spine outer sleeve, with DL card.

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