Clutchy Hopkins/The Red Spiders/JVISION/E.SC - ICEBOX (Cassette)


Translucent blue cassette tape along with illustrations inside the j-card drawn in Toby's Notebook by the recording artists.

7 songs were recorded in 7 days one hot summer in a swampcooled house in the middle of Apple Valley,CA. At the time each member were going through their own struggle but somehow the universe brought them together to for one week to record some heat.

After some time there was loss of contact from when the sessions were recorded,but the universe worked it out once more.

Clutchy Hopkins-the question remains.who is he? Dj Shadow? Madlib? The proof still is that he's a highly talented multi instrumentalist and that it doesnt really matter who he is,but that the music is dope.

The Red Spiders- known to be Owen Lipscomb (percussionist) and Estin Lipscomb,featured guitarist on the previous Clutchy Hopkins album High Desert Low Tide with Fat Albert Einstein.

JVISION-known to make fantastic boom bap beats on the MPC. Little do people know,he's an awesome percussionist and can play various instruments as well which is all featured on this album.

E.SC- aka Pryvet Peepsho,highly respected DJ/turntablist that comes from a super rare breed of ambidextrous cutters on a world class level. No records or turntables were harmed on this project though. His participation was performing with percussion, keys and sound manipulation.

Nathy Voyager

Running Deers

Joel In One

Noodles Rock

Boog's Bounce

Toby's Notebook

Sunrise (Bout That Time)