Track List

Line Drive


Chopin’ Madness

Night Travel



Tomorrow Night

Money Can’t Buy Time

Feel The Funk

Brave New World

Paradox of Choice

Chop Juggler - More Is Less (LP)
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Record Label: Cold Busted

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Greek rhythmrustler Chop Juggler has dropped his debut album – More Is Less – to follow up the well-received Diggasmic EP on Cult Classic Records. Released onthe prolific Cold Busted label, More Is Less collects eleven top notchbeat-heavy jams from the young producer, now in his early twenties but involved in music making since the beginning of his teens. His artist name is apt, as Chop Juggler is adept at taking loops and samples and melding, twisting, and – yes – chopping them into intricate compositions.

“Amethyst” provides convincingevidence; seemingly disparate sources are cut into sonic snatches, layered andbursting in and out of the mix to any beat-head’s delight. There’s also themore uptempo “Night Travel” which sounds just like that … if one is travelingby moonlight in a ’70s television crime drama. Slower, spacey moments like “Money Can’t Buy Time” and “Brave New World” showcase Chop Juggler’s depth, but with his ear for striking samples and tough hip hop beats still in full display. More Is Less follows through in its title’s statement by never overwhelming, but the album’s satisfying flow will indeed find the listener looking for more from this talented producer.