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Crazy Baldhead - Go Oasis (Digital)


Crazy Baldhead was founded at Version City Studio in New York’s East Village in 1997.

The brainchild of ‘Agent Jay’ Nugent (guitarist for The Slackers; ex-Stubborn All-Stars, Ari Up, Agent 99, Leftover Crack), the band features a who’s who of NYC’s Ska and Reggae musicians and singers.

Predominantly a studio band, Crazy Baldhead has also backed up foundation Jamaican artists like Ken Boothe, Derrick Morgan, Stranger Cole, and others live. Crazy Baldhead’s music blends original 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s Jamaican influences with 21st century lyrical, melodic storytelling.

With four previous LP’s and numerous 45’s under their belt, their fifth full-length, ‘Go Oasis’, is a return to the Ska origins of the band’s core musicians, with a healthy dose of bass-heavy, danceable sound-system beats and dub


  1. Wait for the Night
  2. Hey Monday
  3. El Bang Bang
  4. Stowaway
  5. Desperation
  6. Aging Out
  7. Malatesta
  8. Soft Landing
  9. No Night for the Magic
  10. Go Oasis Adventure Theme