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D-Styles & J Scienide - The Periodic Tables of Excellence (2xLP)

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"The Periodic Tables of Excellence" is a harmonious fusion of turntablism and lyricism from esteemed turntablist and producer DJ D-Styles, a member of the revered Beat Junkies and Invisibl Skratch Piklz, and the ingenious emcee/producer J Scienide, known for his exceptional work with Kev Brown, Daringer, and Conway.

This album is a testament to the timeless art of collaboration and the profound respect for the DJ emulated by classic duos such as Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, and Showbiz & AG. The title itself, "The Periodic Tables of Excellence," cleverly plays on the concept of the periodic table of elements, aligning perfectly with the philosophy of giving due reverence to the DJ as the foundation of musical greatness.

D-Styles, renowned for his unparalleled turntablism skills, takes the helm as the producer for the entirety of the album. His meticulous craftsmanship shines through in every beat, offering a harmonious blend of intricate cuts and head-nodding production that captivates and enthralls the listener. Paired with J Scienide's distinctive voice, unique wordplay, and lyrical finesse, the resulting synergy is nothing short of extraordinary.

Featuring guest appearances from the esteemed Blu of Blu & Exile fame, as well as Toronto's very own lyrical virtuoso Daniel Son, "The Periodic Tables of Excellence" unveils a dynamic and diverse soundscape that transcends musical boundaries. The collaborative efforts of D-Styles and Scienide have given birth to a project that is not only special but also destined to make its mark in the realm of hip-hop.

"I think we created something special," reflects Scienide, "and D would tell you the same." The undeniable chemistry between the two artists is palpable, and it's a sentiment that resonates with anyone who experiences the music they've crafted together. 

As a testament to the dedication and appreciation for their audience, "The Periodic Tables of Excellence" is being reissued as a Deluxe 2xLP vinyl, an ode to the classic era of vinyl that resonates with hip-hop aficionados. This Deluxe Reissue is limited to only 300 copies, ensuring that this musical gem remains a cherished collector's item. Furthermore, for the vinyl purists, the Fat Beats Exclusive Blue Vinyl edition is an even rarer offering, limited to only 150 copies.

A key selling point of this Deluxe Reissue is the inclusion of the instrumentals, marking the first time they'll be available on vinyl. This addition allows listeners to experience the intricate production in its purest form, providing a deeper understanding of D-Styles' artistry and innovation. And as a special treat, the vinyl exclusive bonus track "Slovakia" makes its debut, promising an extra layer of discovery for dedicated fans.

"The Periodic Tables of Excellence" isn't just an album; it's a testament to the essence of collaboration, the celebration of the DJ, and the magic that happens when extraordinary talents converge. With its masterful turntablism, captivating production, and captivating lyricism, this album is poised to be a timeless addition to the hip-hop canon. So get ready to experience an adventure of sound, skill, and sheer excellence unlike anything you've encountered before.


When the wind blows

Well Played feat. Blu

The Heartstepper


Nothing like yours feat. Daniel Son

Sum of all fears

When it falls


Slovakia (Bonus Song)

When the wind blows (Instrumental)

Well Played (Instrumental)

The Heartstepper (Instrumental)

Nothing like yours (Instrumental)

Sum of all fears (Instrumental)

When it falls (Instrumental)

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