Grilchy Party

Da Buze Bruvaz - Ni&$@tivity (CD)

Da Buze Bruvaz have created a modern Blaxploitation epic in hip-hop form. Known for their raw and unapologetic over the top lyrics, they have built a strong cult following. They now present Ni$&@tivity, their official follow up to 2017’s Adebesi Hat LP. This project is even more over the top and sounds like Richard Pryor having a hardcore battle with Redd Foxx. The Philadelphia duo have taken it up a degree and should offend pretty much any and everyone fairly. Aside from rhymes they are also longtime members of the legendary NY posse the LoLifes, founded by Thirstin Howl 3rd and are heavily regarded in that movement.

Shotgun Killaz prod. Shaheed Mudfoot

52 Blockz2. prod. Him Lo

Jeckyll-n-Hyde prod. Paul B

Torture Chambah prod. Claymore

Steam prod. Gosilla

Sinna Sity Pickpocketz prod. Mag-Nito Muzik

1988 prod. Gosilla

Double Action Portable Gatling prod. Don Shotta

Asgardian Beer Mugz prod. Gosilla