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Da Buze Bruvaz present Clever 1 - Da Dirty Harry Gun Faculty (CD)

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Release Date: 01/17/2020
Continuing on a straight tear for 2019 Da Buze Bruvaz saga continues with "Da Dirty Harry Gun Faculty". This album is Clever 1's version of Modern Urban Warfare. His subjects are influenced by experiences of survival in the most dangerous parts of the City and spread across the everyday minefields or boobytraps laid out in ghetto purgatory. This is album Clever 1's dedication to all the real Street Veterans who had 2 Gun their way out of tight situations and never stopped firing. This album is for all who appreciate the Craft of dealing with Fire Arms In a Metaphorical sense. The Beats are weapons and Clever 1 is the Ammo.

Callahan prod. Obvious Bane

Russian Ru'let prod. Obvious Bane

Massive Shooting Attacks prod. Cole James Cash

Silent Bulletz prod. Giallo Point ft. Driz Lo

Aggravated Assault prod. Clever 1

Transformerz prod. DJ Tee

Unlicensed to carry prod. Clever 1

Riot Pumpz prod. Amen(Hellzwind) ft. Ruste Juxx and Him Lo

Sudden Impact prod. Dj Tee

Fantasic4 fiftz prod. DJ Tee ft. Him Lo, Driz Lo and Eklipz tha 5th Letta

C H I P prod. Obvious Bane ft. Him Lo