Daedelus - End of Empire (Boxset - 3xLP)

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Release Date: 11/22/19

Strictly limited edition 3LP box set comprising Daedelus’s epic trilogy for Brainfeeder

Legit pioneer and standard bearer for experimental electronics, Daedelus returns on Brainfeeder with a strictly limited edition 3LP box set titled 'End of Empire'. The trilogy comprises 2010's 'Righteous Fists of Harmony' (which referenced The Boxer Rebellion, 1899-1901); 2014's 'The Light Brigade' (recalling the Crimean War of 1853-56) and new album 'The Bittereinders' (inspired by The Second Boer War, 1899-1902).

'From the belief that contemporary events are too difficult to address, I've reached back into history to relate some of what is largely forgotten to directly look into the ravages which continue to echo. All records fuse unrelenting repetition of lyric and forms, evocative noise and reaching melodies.' - Daedelus

An Armada Approaches

Tidal Waves Uprising

The Open Hand Avows

Order Of The Golden Dawn

The Finishing of a Thing

Succumbing To

Stampede Me

Fin De Siècle

Until Artillery

Baba Yaga


The Victory of the Echo Over the Voice


Tsars and Hussars

Battery Smoke



Shot and Shell

Country Of Conquest