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Dâm-Funk - Toeachizown Vol 2. Fly (LP)

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1. Two years ago now, Dam-Funk released his debut album, Toeachizown, an epic of modern funk, containing over two hours of music in five separately-titled parts. The vinyl release originally came out in a 5LP boxed set. These boxed set versions are long gone and out of print now, but we finally have the five records available again as separate discs .

From D-F: The first 3 tracks Flying V Ride (which is a reference 2 the fabled UFO that many have reported seeing in their lifetime), Candy Dancin’ & Burn Straight Thru U co-exist as a ‘suite’ called ‘The Move Suite’. Yes, 3 songs that are joined together as 1. Candy Dancin’ also features a wicked synth solo & vocoder contribution by the 1 and only Mark de Clive-Lowe.

Flying V Ride

Candy Dancin’ feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe (Synth)

Burn Straight Thru U

10 West

I Wanna Know