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Pulsating (Pulse Remix 2012 update)

Live on Because (L.B. 2012 update)

Ego Trouble’ (Troopin’ 2012 update)

Jnota’s Joint (Last Ole 2012 update)

Then in 04 (2004 Beat Original 2012 update)

Leo the Gemini 1 (Leo part 1 2012 update)

To DJ RBI (To RBI 2012 update)

Picturesque Storm (Colorful Remix 2012 update)

Leo the Ruler (Leo part 2 2012 update)

New Generation (Now generation 2012 update)

9 Summers Ago (Summer 2004: 2012 update)

Next in Line (Y Society Remix instro 2012 update)

Damu The Fudgemunk - Spare Overtime (LP - Green Vinyl)
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Record Label: Redefinition Records

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It was 5 years ago. If you’re familiar with “How it Should Sound” (RDF007), this is how it all started. Back in winter
of 2008, Damu the Fudgemunk released a collection of instrumentals entitled, “Spare Time” (RDF002) as a free digital download to the masses. It was this album that introduced Damu as a solo artist and Redefinition Records to thousands, taking blogs and file sharing sites by storm. “Spare Time” was such a success, that a sequel “Overtime” (RDF003) was released in the summer of 2008. Collectively, both “Spare Time” and “Overtime” have exceeded over 200,000 downloads to date. With the rapid growth of Redef and the expansion of Damu the Fudgemunk, several titles have been released since in various formats making both the brand and artist, one of the most respected and relevant in independent hip hop. Ironically, “Spare Time” and “Overtime” never saw a proper release on vinyl or cd until now. The fans have spoken over the years requesting this material in physical form and to popular demand, “Spare Overtime RE-Inspired...” is the answer.

Damu is a producer/DJ (and an occasional MC) from Washington DC who co-owns and operates Redefinition Records. Redef is a 100% indie hip-hop label that releases music on all formats and despite their low-key and humble approach, Redef has has released music featuring a surprising cast of characters including hip-hop icons such as MF Doom, Talib Kweli, Blu, Pete Rock, Grap Luva, K-Def, Kev Brown, The Artifacts, Germany’s Klaus Layer, and even Kanye West.

About Spare OverTime...
Newly recorded, re-sequenced and retitled versions of the beloved instrumentals were prepared for this album. Both “Spare Time” and “Overtime” have been consolidated into one and in the vein of “How it Should Sound”, Damu revisited all the old floppy disks to create the best listening experience. Constructed on his MPC 2000, the album is intact with The Fudgemunk’s signature production style and interludes. Two freshly composed unreleased tracks were conceived exclusively for the deluxe version which includes a 45. This is quite a bonus for fans who want more new music from Damu the Fudgemunk. Damu’s previous release, the “Spur Momento Trailer EP (RDF-C001)” was a step in a new sonic direction. His latest, “Spare Overtime Re-Inspired...” is reassuring that he hasn’t completely abandoned the sound he is known for, unlike some other artists who progress.