Davepsy - Extended Playpen (Cassette)

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Seattle based rapper davepsy [The Oddities/The Nope] teams up with Vancouver’s Moka Only on a new 14 track LP entitled “Extended Playpen”. The album is produced entirely by Moka Only and contains guest features from 10isee Williams, Blu & Ahmed.

“I called Moka and said I was ready to do a solo project, and I wanted him to produce it, all the way. Give me the ‘Pete Rock treatment’, so to speak. I really wanted him to be in on the whole thing. This was a challenge, being that we never actually got in a room together for any of this (unlike The Nope albums, which were all recorded together at Moke’s studio). He would send me beats, I’d write and record, then send him vox back to mix. These tracks were all recorded between December 2015 and December 2016. The content ranges from the writing process, to societal ills, to wordplay cuz it’s good, to dropping inhibitions and chasing dreams, thinking positive, sex, grocery shopping, parenting, and just doing art to make life a little bit easier, and more colorful. Oddly enough(dot com), none of the songs are about my dad, but he was most definitely a catalyst. My solo cuts at the beginning and end of the record are probably the most personal of the bunch. Some of the content is straightforward- -plenty of it is inside, cryptic. Moka whooped up some real goodies for me to blabber over. Producer of the year after year, after year. He’s the hardest trooper for this rap sh*t, and it shows with every release. “

- davepsy






Keep Bup

Old & New

Hell, Love A World [feat. 10isee Williams]

See I Now [feat. Moka Only]


Ye Olde English

ANFOYU [feat. Blu & Ahmed]

I’m There