Track List

Coming Into View

Towards The Roar

Open Cage

Yesterday's Over

Journey To The Center


Game Of Life

Anechoic Chamber

What We Do

Like A Jungle

Final Test

Dday One - Dialogue With Life (LP - Clear Vinyl)
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Record Label: The Content Label

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Created over several seasons, “Dialogue with Life” emerged from profound introspection and solitude. It was during this period away from external static that I was able to attune to the station within. Listening inward, ideas surfaced and being guided by the whisper of inspiration, these ideas were translated into music.

The cover features a photograph that was taken from my studio window one early morning during production. The image of clouds juxtaposed with communication wires is symbolic of the title and themes of the project. These themes include courage, gratitude, the physical world and spiritual ascension. The dreamlike imagery is further realized within the sacred geometry of two triangles which represent the duality of life.