Track List

Bixby Canyon Bridge

I Will Possess Your Heart

No Sunlight


Talking Bird

You Can Do Better Than Me

Grapevine Fires

Your New Twin Sized Bed

Long Division

Pity And Fear

The Ice Is Getting Thinner

Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs (LP)
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Record Label: Barsuk Records

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The ambitious, experimental Narrow Stairs is Death Cab For Cutie's unexpectedly edgy response to any preconceptions, a wide-ranging, noisy and exciting album that sounds little like anything they've done before. From the epic-length first single. "I Will Possess Your Heart," through the spacy, almost psychedelic "Pity and Fear" and the noise-riddled "Your New Twin Sized Bed," Narrow Stairs is Death Cab's determined attempt to counter expectations as their stardom ascends.