Isolated Music

DertBeats - E C L I P S E (LP - Midnight Blue/White Vinyl)


What began as a simple idea to pay homage to Pink Floyd birthed a new persona, West Side Of The Moon was the incubator Dert Floyd was hatched in.

Donald “DertBeats” Baker has been carving up samples and drum breaks since his adolescent days in West Covina California, but something happened while making the Floyd beat tape. Dert found a voice hidden deep in his psyche that longed for fuzzy guitar licks and aquatic synth lines. Dert Floyd is an avatar emblematic of the rebellious and experimental nature of the records that inspired the moniker, while also holding steadfast to the the concrete cracking boom bap backbone one has come to expect from him.

“E C L I P S E” is a new voyage to the outer reaches of sound. A middle passage through varying stages of frustration, rage, depression, and heartache, eventually landing in a place of reconciliation.

Wild loops, precise chops, and Dert’s signature bounce all set a course for the side of the moon few have seen, and this time we get to peer into the shadows a little deeper.

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