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Diamond D - The Diam Piece 2 Instrumentals (2xLP)

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Release Date: 11/22/19

Diamond D is a legendary producer and a part of the crew, Diggin In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) that includes members; Diamond D, Big L, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, O.C., Buckwild, Showbiz & A.G.. Keeping with his legendary status, Diamond D enlist an all-star cast for The Diam Piece 2, the follow up to part one.

Intro (Instrumental)

Watch Yo Back (Instrumental)

O.M.G. (Instrumental)

Turn It Up (Instrumental)

The 3 Kings (Instrumental)

I Can't Lose (Instrumental)

Got It Covered (Instrumental)

Survive or Die (Instrumental)

Bodied (Instrumental)

Maintaining (Instrumental)

Children of the Ghetto (Instrumental)

Chivas Blanc (Instrumental)

Next to You (Instrumental)

The Hit (Instrumental)

The Zone Out (Instrumental)

Hold Up (Instrumental)