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Dillon - The Tails Of Lobsterdamus (LP)

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Release Date: 08/16/2019
Atlanta-based rapper/DJ/chef, Dillon is perhaps best known for his collaborations with acclaimed beatmakers, Diamond D (Black Tie Affair), Supa Dave West (Studies in Hunger), Paten Locke (Food Chain) & Batsauce (On Their Way), but that might change when Lobsterdamus washes up. 
'The Tails of Lobsterdamus' is Dillon's self-produced solo debut, a deep dive into the origin of his bottom-dwelling evil alter-ego, Lobby Dom. Half man, half lobster and 100% jerk, Lobsterdamus was sent to Earth (unwillingly) from his home planet of Lobtropolis on a quest to save humanity from itself. More importantly, he's looking for Lobby Dame!

Washed Up (Intro)

Market Price

Tax Season

Lobster Garments

Transmission from Popsterdamus

Claws Up (Lobby Dom's Theme)

Ride With Lobsterdamus

The Shell Shocker

Moltin' (Interlude)

Penny for Your Thots

Lobby's Lament

Little Mermaids

Transmission from Momsterdamus

Ode to Lobsterdameus

Rock Bottom (Outro)