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Divine - Ghetto Rhymin' (CD)


Drawing inspiration from the likes of Eric B. & Rakim, KRS-One and Kool G Rap, the Brooklyn, Fort Greene native Divine gets set for the November 4th release of his inaugural LP, ‘Ghetto Rhymin’. Divine’s sound blends sophisticated introspection woven from stories of street life coupled with classic ‘golden age’ influences, derived from his absorption into the Nation Of Gods & Earths (formerly the Five Percent Nation Of Islam).

The result is a potent concoction of raw urban storytelling that captivates, enlightens and informs. Believe Divine when he says, “Don’t doubt the clout, the proof is in the science, man, and the science is in showing and proving.”

The Wait Is Over: The Legacy Lives (Prelude) [prod. by DJ Whopper]

I'm Back (prod. by Prov P)

It'z War (prod. by Ill D)

Let's Get It On (prod. by DJ Devastate)

Hard Body (prod. by Bova)

Gun Talk (prod. by Prov P)

New York City Nights (prod. by Prov P)

Check It Out (prod. by Prov P)

Smooth Don (feat. Tracy Adam) [prod. by Godspeed]

Where The Club At (prod. by Mr. JPatt)

Embracing Eternity (Universal Love) [feat. Tracy Adam] (prod. by Jahgillaz)

Ghetto Rhymin' (feat. Sara Vahabi) [prod. by DJ Whopper]

My Dudes (prod. by Ill D)

Locked In The Stars (prod. by Mr. JPatt)

Nobody Does It Meaner (Prelude) [prod. by Ill D]

Brooklyn, Brooklyn (prod. by Ill D)