Track List

Smoking Reggie (feat. MoonDoctor & OPN)

Smoke Dat Green (feat. Taso)

Lotta A$$ (feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye)

Fukk It Up (feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye)

Rachett (feat. MoonDoctor & OPN)

Drumatic (feat. MoonDoctor)

Let's Work (feat. MoonDoctor & OPN)

All INN (feat. Suzi Analogue)

DJ Earl - Open Your Eyes (EP - 12" Vinyl)
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Record Label: Teklife

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Features: MoonDoctor, OPN, Taso, DJ Manny, DJ Taye, and Suzi Analogue. Cover art by Shepard Fairey and Ashes57.

DJ Earl lays down expertly crafted footwork rhythms filled with wave-y synths and killer vocal hooks. Every track on Open Your Eyes is a collaboration, DJ Earl teams up with other Teklife members from his native Chicago and beyond. A leading figure in the footwork movement, and long-time collaborator with DJ Rashad, DJ Earl is a key member of the Teklife family. Open Your Eyes is a brutally strong EP filled with future classics.