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DJ Krush - Cosmic Yard: Special Edition (LP)


DJ Krush's latest album Cosmic Yard sees the abstract hip-hop pioneer step back to his instrumental roots. Sinister beats, sci-fi tinged keys, and collaborations from long-time cohort Toshinori Kondo come together to form an album that while referencing the past looks the future straight in the eye. Also features Yukihiro Atsumi, Syuzan Morita, and Binkbeats.


Stellar Wind

Divine Protection (feat. Yukihiro Atsumi)

Asterism (Interlude)

Emission Nebula

Law of Harmony (feat. Toshinori Kondo & Syuzan Morita)

Dust Trail

Bow Shock (Interlude)

La Luna Rouge (feat. Binkbeats)


Habitable Zone (Chapter 1)

Sporadic Meteor (feat. Toshinori Kondo)