Track List


Stellar Wind

Divine Protection (feat. Yukihiro Atsumi)

Asterism (Interlude)

Emission Nebula

Law of Harmony (feat. Toshinori Kondo & Syuzan Morita)

Dust Trail

Bow Shock (Interlude)

La Luna Rouge (feat. Binkbeats)


Habitable Zone (Chapter 1)

Sporadic Meteor (feat. Toshinori Kondo)

DJ Krush - Cosmic Yard: Special Edition (LP)
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Record Label: Gamma Proforma

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DJ Krush's latest album Cosmic Yard sees the abstract hip-hop pioneer step back to his instrumental roots. Sinister beats, sci-fi tinged keys, and collaborations from long-time cohort Toshinori Kondo come together to form an album that while referencing the past looks the future straight in the eye. Also features Yukihiro Atsumi, Syuzan Morita, and Binkbeats.