Track List



Ascender (feat.Chad Hugo & Tipsy)


Bloom (feat. Craig Abaya & Tipsy)


HuverKraft (feat. Dana Leong, DJ Zeke & Coppe)

Astro Frog

Broken ButterFlies


Jiu-Jitsu (feat. DJ IQ of the Handroidz)

Labyrinth (feat. Dana Leong)

Generals (feat. Roscoe Umali)

Back Suspension (feat. Kool Keith)

Kooty Kat (feat. P.E.A.C.E., Genie Love & Camille Velasco

OG BBOY (feat. Mr. Lif, El-P & Malicious Lee)

Disco Nap (Rocket Remix) (feat. A-Trak, Quazr & Yogafrog)

Room Service (feat. Tassho Pearce)

Crosshairs (feat. Bambu)

Mud Wrestler (feat. Soul Khan)

Liquiffy (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien)

Pie Fighters (feat. DZK, Madchild & Sicknature)

Freaky Thangs (feat. Miss Space Worm)

Impossible Obstacle (feat. Roscoe Umali)

DJ Q-Bert - Extraterrestria/Galaxxxian (2xCD + Interactive DJ Controller)
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Record Label: Thud Rumble

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"EXTRATERRESTRIA is DJ QBert's much-anticipated follow up to his groundbreaking debut album and feature film, Wave Twisters. Several years in the making, Extraterrestria is a wide collection of various types of music from other planets and dimensions from around the galaxy. The compilation of sounds were collected by the Galactic Skratch Federation, which is similar to the Grammy committee here on (Gaia) Earth. Featuring DJ QBert's signature skratching, the album is accompanied by several well-known musicians to boost the sonic soundscape; from world-acclaimed cellist and trombonist Dana Leong to super producer Chad Hugo of The Neptunes / N*E*R*D fame to the eclectic instrumental exotica sounds of Tipsy. Extraterrestria transcends what turntablism is and what skratch music sounds like in the future.

GALAXXXIAN is an imported album from Earth (Gaia) to the Galactic Skratch Federation's compilation of music. It features DJ QBert's skratching with a host of talented MC's: Kool Keith, Del The Funky Homosapien, Bambu, Soul Khan, Mr.Lif , El-P, Madchild, DZK, Roscoe Umali, Tassho Pearce, The FMD & Z-Man.

With DJ QBert's partnership with Algoriddim's DJay app and Novalia's capacitive touch technology collaboration, Thud Rumble was able to conceptualize and develop the WORLD'S FIRST INTERACTIVE ALBUM PACKAGING. With this innovation, the album's gatefold cover is transformed into an actual DJ controller. By accessing DJ QBert's album (or any MP3) through the DJay app, you're able to manipulate and effect the songs with the use of the built-in controller.

Includes 2 CDs in custom vinyl-style holders and the Extraterrestria Interactive DJay Controller; as featured in Popular Mechanics, The Source, Mass Appeal, The Verge, Complex, Ego Trip, Billboard, Gizmodo, PSFK, SF Bay Guardian and BBC UK.