Track List

One Good Thing (Opening)

You Don't Have To Be Alone

In The Flames

Tell Me Why

Something To Believe In

No Guarantees

Stand Up And Speak

Darling Cheryl

I Don't Love You

Found (Closing)

DJDS - Stand Up And Speak (LP)
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Record Label: Loma Vista

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Sam Griesemer and Jerome Potter aka DJDS (formerly DJ Dodger Stadium) – present their new LP, Stand Up And Speak, on the duo's own LA-based label/collective Body High. From the impassioned immediacy of lead single "You Don't Have To Be Alone" to the club-ready apocalyptic pleas on its title track, Stand Up And Speak takes cues from classic soul/R&B - love, pain, healing, empowerment – giving those themes a modern, electronic reinvention. While DJDS's 2014 debut was steeped in the hypnotic loneliness of LA, Stand Up and Speak is a total thematic counterpoint, capturing a distinctly Californian sense of community and pioneer spirit. Griesemer and Potter hand-picked a truly unique group of musicians to perform on the record, tirelessly combing through Craigslist ads and even putting up paper flyers around town to find musicians that fit the part.