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A Long And Silent Street

I Walk In Blackness

I Stumble And Fall And Rise

My Feet Trample The Silent Stones And Leaves

Someone Behind Me Tramples And Leaves

If I Slow Down, He Slows

If I Run, He Runs

I Turn: Nobody

Everything Is Dark And Doorless

Only My Steps Aware Of Me Turning

Among These Corners

Leading Forever To The Street

Where Nobody Waits For Me

Where Nobody Follows Me

Where I Pursue A Man

Who Stumbles And Falls And Rises

Don Philippe (Freundeskreis) - A Long And Silent Street (LP)
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Record Label: Vinyl Digital

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Don Philippe, known as a producer of Freundeskreis - one of the most successful German rap crews ever - never lost his ability to create great music. A Long and Silent Street is an instrumental hip-hop release that definitely stands out and is the right choice for everyone who loves soulful and jazz-inspired music.