Track List

Between Now And Now

Between I Am And You Are

The Image

The Word


Entering It

You Enter Yourself

The World Connects

Closes Like A Ring

Frome One Bank To Another

There Is ALways A Body


A Rainbow

I Will Sleep

Beneath Its Arches

Don Philippe (Freundeskreis) - Between Now And Now (LP)
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Record Label: Vinyl Digital

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Don Philippe, known as a producer of Freundeskreis - one of the most successful German rap crews ever - never lost his feeling for great music. Now he is back with his first solo release: Between Now and Now and A Long and Silent Street. It will be released as two separate LPs and the first one, Between Now and Now, is coming out already at the beginning of December. This instrumental hip-hop release definitely stands out and is the right choice for everyone who loves soulful and jazz-inspired music. Don’t miss it!

Mastered by Tom Krüger (No Sé Studio) | Cover artwork by Bruno Müller Meyer | Layout & Editing by Alex Brade