Hipnott Records

Donwill - One Word No Space (LP)

For Donwill’s HiPNOTT Records debut he teams up with his Tanya Morgan cohort Von Pea to tap into a bit of that group chemistry for himself. The duo locked in to create ‘One Word No Space’ which serves as the MC’s first full length solo outing since Don Cusack in High Fidelity (2010). Von Pea’s signature ‘bat crack’ sound provides an ample bed of hard drums and emotive loops for Don to bare his soul over and reintroduce himself to those who may not be in the know. Clocking in at 35 min the album is a jarring jaunt with high replay value and features that include Quelle Chris, Paul Barman, Theory Hazit, Von Pea, ilyas, Rob Cave and several other Lessondary spitters .

One Word

Cincinnatian ft: Jermiside & Brickbeats

Uppermost ft: Von Pea & Ilyas

Settle Up

Don, Rob & Paul ft: Rob Cave Jr & MC Paul Barman

Service Delay ft: the MTA

Laura’s Song 2 ft: Von Pea & Che Grand


No Space

Screens ft: Quelle Chris

Phonies ft: Von Pea

The Easiest ft: Theory Hazit