Track List

Smuff tha Quiz - Lunar Sea

Klaus Layer - Esoterik

KOVSH - Dopenineties

Boora - Dolina Dolinushka

wun two - Flauta


Tusken - Brooklyn

Flofilz - Greedy

Made in M - Paseo

Figub Brazlevič - Russian Bassian

Planet Ragtime - I Don't Need An Amplifier

JoDu - Fluentes

Mad Che - Usual Suspect

Kosm14 - Onearth

DIRTY3 - Na Noge

Frost - ,n

Je$u$ - Radio Alarm Clock

Flitz & Suppe - Is This A Dream

Dope90 - Joint Flight (LP)
Free Gift

Record Label: Vinyl Digital

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A collaborative release with Germany goes by the name “Joint Flight”. The producers who participated in this project are: DOPE90 (KOVSH, Boora, KOSM14, Smuff Tha Quiz), and other talented beatmakers - Klaus Layer, Wun Two, Planet Ragtime, Figub Brazlevič , FloFilz ,Fro st, Made in M , Tusken , Flitz&Suppe, Je$u$, MadChe, ДЁТИ3, Vital_Mastyle, JoDu.